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Asian Leopard Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Asian Leopard cat is perfect for keeping in the apartment and in a country house.

It is an ideal choice for those who appreciate the beauty of wildlife at home!

These graceful and elegant cats are found in the South-East of Asia and the Indian subcontinent. They have received their name because of the similarity of their color with the leopard. In fact, their relationship is quite distant. There are 11 subspecies of leopard cats. Each one is typical for a particular geographic region.

Asian leopard cats prefer living in the wooded and semi-desert areas. They can be found in Korea, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia.

The life span of such cat is about 15 years or more. It will depend on the conditions of life you will provide it with.

How Much Does an Asian Leopard Cat Cost and Price Range

It is an amazing representative of the wild cats, a mini leopard. Its wild appearance and habits make you respect and admire it.

Asian Leopard Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

ALA is a very unusual cat. It is covered with leopard-spotted coat color. Its size is not larger than a domestic cat, while it is close to its roots of the primordial predators. This cat can swim well, but rarely does it. It is also used for breeding Bengal cats breed by crossing a domestic cat with ALA.

If you want to buy a completely secure predator for keeping at home, than the Asian leopard cat is for you. Its price is about $4000. The cost can vary from breeder to breeder but you should be ready to pay a high price for such a unique cat.

Asian Leopard Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Like many members of the cat family they spend their days in caves, hollow trees or under their roots - in some kind of a shelter. At night, there comes a time to hunt. These cats are great moving by mountainous terrain, trees, and manifest themselves as excellent swimmers if necessary. Asian leopard cat have the lonely lifestyle, the couple meet during the breeding season and during the period of growing kittens. It is worth noting that the young kittens are raised by both female and male.

Asian leopard cat or ALA is a wild animal and you can teach it something only from the early age. It is recommended to buy a kitten from a small age - up to three months. Then the kitten will grow absolutely tame and domesticated. ALA is usually accustomed to some family members, but it treats other people with caution. This cat is perfect for keeping in the enclosure and at home.